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Realtree Seat Covers

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Bill Jordan's development of the Realtree brand is a classic American success story. His new style of camo patterns had a strong impact on the entire hunting industry and forever changed the landscape of camouflage. It also helped launch a new category of camo seat covers. Instead of buying single color or two-tone covers or even classic military stuff, guys now had a whole new selection to choose from.

Realtree has the best selling camouflage designs in North America; they include the colors AP Grey, APG Green, AP Pink and AP Snow. For years, the real star of the show for us was Max-4 camo seat covers. It became a best seller at both the online retail and wholesale level. However, after 10 years of research and pattern development, we’re proud to introduce the all new Max-5. This pattern is the multicam of waterfowl hunting. The newly added details allow you to effectively hunt in marshland, flooded timber and fields anywhere.

Thanks to A&E's Duck Dynasty, Realtree camouflage has a bigger part in American pop culture and we’re pleased to offer you Officially Licensed camo seat covers in any of your favorite styles. When you choose Realtree Sport, you receive a high quality custom fit cover with a cool custom look as well. This is two-toned with patterned inserts and rich black accents. Both fabrics are made of 600 denier polyester and feature two coats of polyurethane to keep the water off of the seats.

We realize that successful hunters are particular about the little details, especially late in a season. It can mean the difference between being left wanting or filling your tags. Likewise, we would rather offer you a product we know has the details of airbag safety, waterproof fabrics and the specs for a true custom fit completely covered.

When you buy our custom made camo seat covers they're designed specifically for the seats in your truck. They were never designed to be a one-size-fits-all universal product.

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Please note: 40/20/40 seat configurations will have the headrests, console and middle cushion made in black accent material. Vehicles like convertibles where the seats are exposed to direct sunlight should treat with another UV spray after installation.

Northwest Seat Covers dramatically minimize fabric damage caused by UV light and saves the original upholstery on your vehicle's seat. For extra protection you can also spray our covers with a UV protectant or Scotchgard™ after installation.

NOTE: The heat transfer printing process produces an HD Quality look that is incomparable. To best preserve this look, you should minimize direct exposure to harmful UV light rays. Overexposure to strong UV light can fade fabrics altering their appearance over time.

Realtree™ Sport AP Green RT-B-AGN
Realtree™ Sport AP Grey RT-B-AGY
Realtree™ Sport AP Snow Out of stock
Realtree™ Sport AP Pink Out of stock
Realtree™ Sport Max-4 RT-B-MX4
Realtree™ Total AP Green RT-T-AGN
Realtree™ Total AP Grey RT-T-AGY
Realtree™ Total AP Snow Out of stock
Realtree™ Total AP Pink Out of stock
Realtree™ Total Max-4 RT-T-MX4
Realtree™ Total Extra Grey RT-T-XGY
Realtree™ Sport Extra Grey RT-B-XGY
Realtree™ Total Max-5 RT-T-MX5
Realtree™ Sport Max-5 RT-B-MX5

AP Green
AP Grey
AP Snow
AP Pink
Max-4 Sport
Realtree™ Total AP Green
AP Grey
AP Snow
AP Pink
Extra Grey
Extra Grey
Max-5 Sport


Installing Realtree Seat Covers seat covers is extremely simple. Since your cover will be a perfect fit to the vehicle information you provide us with, installation will require nothing more that some careful manoeuvring of your fabric onto your seat.

Do not hesitate to browse our installation section for further information.
No tools required !

All orders within Canada will be shipped by Canada Post, UPS, DHL or Purolator. All orders within the U.S. will be shipped by UPS. Production time is 3 - 4 days. Shipping & Delivery time is generally 3-6 business days anywhere in North America. Freight charges will be added to the invoice.

Please read our shipping page for further information.

Our Seat Covers come with a 2 years warranty for workmanship & normal wear. We will replace any sections that have worn due to normal use or material defect free of charge.

Please read our entire warranty section for further information.