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Our video instructions our meant to guide you in the installation of your seat covers. As with any do-it-yourself project we ask that you take special precautions in ensuring your safety is maintained at all times. This means wearing pretective eye equipment and creating a stable work environment to complete your installation.

Your seat cover should fit snug! If you feel like you have to force it, contact us first and we will make sure the size is right. Lastly, please be advised that the following instruction videos are of a general nature (excluding the F150 instruction set). There will be minor variations from your vehicle and seat cover to the rest, but these instructions should provide you with all the knowledge needed to install your custom seat cover.

Installation for trucks



Rear Seats - Part 1

Rear Seats - Part 2

Form-Fit Seat Covers

Installation for Ford F150


Backrests - Part 1

Backrests - Part 2


Console - Part 1

Console - Part 2

Front Seats - Part 1

Front Seats - Part 2

Rear Seats - Part 1

Rear Seats - Part 2